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Let’s Move Toward Sustainable And Clean Community

We aim at removing waste material for the hygienic lifestyle of community members. Whether you’re looking for a one-time trash pickup or want to take us permanently on-board to make your communal premises clean and hygienic, you would find us always at your disposal.


Treasure Trash Pickup Is Setting New Standards In The Waste Management Industry To Provide Healthy Lifestyle For Community Members.

We have a professional team on-board providing custom solutions to clients. Whether your focus is to protect the environment, social value, reduction of carbon, or a combination of these, we have practical solutions to your needs.

Eco-friendly Products

We use products that are eco-friendly and approved by the authorities to make your premises sparkling. We never compromise on the quality, and we only use products that are approved by the concerning authorities.

Advanced Waste Management Plan

We create tailored waste management plans for our clients. We assign a dedicated contract manager to every client, who will serve as a single point to answer all your queries, ensuring that you get the right service as per your needs.

Waste Management Process

We are not stuck with the singular approach of disposing of all types of waste by adopting the same process. Instead, from organic to hazardous waste, we deploy different methods to ensuring that waste material is properly removed. You would find us handling your waste efficiently by providing the service that can surpass your expectations flawlessly.

Waste Collection

We work in coordination with city councils to channelize the waste collection by moving it through appropriate routes that include power facilities, biofuel recycling, combined power, and heat facilities. We actively participate and partner up with local organizations to provide the best cleaning services in the town.

Wide Array Of Services

Treasure trash Pickup provides a wide array of services to the clients. We handle the waste of any type, and our tailored services will help you meet your needs. Who would have thought that waste management could become expeditious with us?

Maintain Health And Safety

To ensure a safe and healthy atmosphere for your community members or employees at your workplaces, hire us to effectively clean the waste. We know our job and our waste disposal specialist master at their work.

Take a look at the variety of services we offer

Our primary motive is to remove trash from your doorstep to provide a clean and hearty living environment. So, no need to be reluctant about trash removal anymore, we are here to do the drudgery for you; also, we have custom solutions for our clients.

Residential Cleaning

We have professional cleaners on-board helping our clients to get rid of residential waste. We provide a wide array of residential rubbish and waste collection services to the communities. We believe in eco-friendly left-over recycling and dispose of the garbage accordingly.

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Office Cleaning

We are industry-leading experts in removing commercial waste. We deploy quick and hassle-free ways to dispose of business junk. We aim to free your property from trash completely. Hire our professional team to live an aseptic life.

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Office Cleaning

We are industry-leading experts in removing commercial waste. We deploy quick and hassle-free ways to dispose of business junk. We aim to free your property from trash completely. Hire our professional team to live an aseptic life.

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Industry Waste Handling

We at Treasure Trash Pickup provide commercial waste management solutions to business. With a growing fleet of wagons, we have the ultimate solution to making your factory or company grounds clean. We aim to reduce carbon footprints to provide you with an environment where you don’t have to worry about contaminations.

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So Why Choose Us?

No matter what type of waste you want to dispose of, be it industrial or household, Treasure Trash Pickup will stash away your trash.

Keep Things Green and Clean

Nothing could be displeasing if you see a bulk of waste in front of you. To maintain a pristine environment, let us do the hard work for you.

Improve Your Brand Image

Hiring a professional waste management company, will inform your clients that you care about the perseverance of the environment.

Healthier Lifestyle

Keeping the surroundings clean is one of the vital factors to have a vigorous lifestyle. It will give an atmosphere filled with tranquility.

Organic Waste Management

We recycle organic waste to take care of the natural systems and resources that are necessary for the betterment of agriculture.

Lets Make A Difference

We are helping community members to live a better life with a clean and green environment. Sustainability is at the heart of our journey.

Waste Collection Specialists

We have some of the best waste collection experts with us, serving our clients with services that you would not get anywhere.

Manage Your Time Effectively

Manage Your Time Effectively

Who would not need the advantage of handling waste, especially if you are dealing with residential apartments? Disposing waste on such premises is arduous, and you would need someone who is a specialist at carrying out their job, and we could be the ones to take care of that tricky situation.

100% biodegradable

Safe for people and safe for the atmosphere

Good for your health

A clean environment keeps everyone healthy

Only the best products

Recyclable products to keep the surroundings spotless.

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Hire us for handling your waste and make your surroundings spotless. We always remain at the disposal of our clients; if you have any questions about our services, you may contact us anytime. Our dedicated professionals will answer your requests as soon as possible.